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However, with no FDA regulations on what constitutes « clean beauty, » brands are able to define the term based on their own standards. Many go with the guidance of third-party organizations like the Environmental Working Group or the European Commission’s regulation on cosmetics, which has more ingredient restrictions than the U.S. « Natural mascaras can smudge a little more readily, especially aleph beauty reviews on their initial application until they dry on the lashes, » says Douglas. This is because traditional, non-natural mascaras use nylons and other synthetic ingredients to hold the pigments in place. So, yes, natural mascaras are more prone to smudging, but with a little awareness not to blink too much or rub your hands over your eyes for one minute post-application, you’ll be golden.

A real time saver, there is no waiting time before application of make-up and the staying power of the pigments layered on top is strengthened, saving you touch-ups on-the-go later in the day. Speaking of powder, you may be wondering if GAL the Aleph Prep/Finish Powder is worth the buzz. At first glance, I had my reservations as it gave me the impression that it may be chalky. This weightless powder absorbs oil and blurs the skin without accentuating fine lines or dry texture. Don’t be alarmed by the white shade of the Prep/Finish powder.


Sandalwood oil helps balance and soothe the skin as well as aiding in toning and firming the skin. A thick plant oil high with a low molecular weight to penetrate the skin easily for added skin softening. A long chain fatty acid used for pigment dispersion and moisturisation. A mineral used to add colour to cosmetics either on their own or by coating a mica substrate. High in antioxidants to repair skin damage and help even skin tone.

Who owns Aleph Beauty?

Aleph Beauty is designed by Emma Peters, a sought-after makeup artist with near three decades in the industry. Emma became acutely aware that the products she was wearing, and using on clients, contained potentially health-damaging ingredients.

The rooms were very comfortable, breakfast was great and the employees were super helpful, especially Julo. Tripadvisor gives a Travelers’ Choice award to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers and are ranked within the top 10% of properties on Tripadvisor. The website for LAB Salon and Brow Studio gives clients the opportunity to find out more about the extensive list of brow, hair, eyelash and makeup services available, including cost. The Weddings category gives you the opportunity to book an appointment either in salon or at the wedding venue. Anjum Bhardwai’s makeup portfolio features high-end photos that highlight Anjum’s talent and expertise with wedding, editorial and fashion makeup. Take a virtual tour around Rebecca Rose’s lavish beauty lounge and check out the online store to choose from a selection of a branded cosmetic and beauty products.

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Our mission is to create the best makeup formulas using premium sustainable vegan ingredients – designed to deliver health benefits to the skin. As a rule, I only work with brands I love, use, and can whole heartedly back. This is a sponsored blog (I can’t pay my electricity bill with free natural beauty products), but 100% my own words, photos, and opinion. Usually, I would recommend that you use your cream products before powder. However, with Aleph, I’d recommend that you layer the cream blushes on top of your powder to add insurance to your cheek colour’s longevity. It’s impressive how the Cheek/Lip Tint doesn’t bunch up over the day, even when applied in this way.

Penetrates deep into the skin to help balance sebum production. Extracted from the highly fragrant wood of the Santalum Album tree and considered one of the most sacred oils, Sandalwood has been used since ancient times in religious ceremonies, for cosmetic and perfume. A Natural, skin-friendly, preservative-boosting and moisturising alternative to petroleum-based glycols. This ingredient can be obtained from multiple sources, we choose to source this from fermented natural tobacco leaves, stem, and rhizome. Ultra fine powder derived from wood used to create a soft focus blurred effect.

ITEM Beauty By Addison Rae Boost Juice Dual-Ended Lash Primer & Colored Mascara

Visitors can easily scroll through the site to check out the latest products on offer and their prices. Dana Leviston is a freelance makeup artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Each page you click on her site provides a comprehensive blurb on the ‘how’ of each service she provides. Not only can you check out photos of the client’s final look but go behind the scenes as well.

It’s not something that you may have considered before but in this environment where our ozone layer is like Swiss cheese, the ability to top up our SPF protection is a necessary factor worth considering. “I’m so busy” – it’s the modern-day mantra that everyone can’t stop living by. Despite the fact that digital advancements were created to make life easier, we’ve somehow been thrown into a syndrome where unavailability is worn as a badge of honour. Look fresh and flawless around the clock with these easy touch-up tricks. But if you prefer a brush Aleph have a beautiful diffuser brush available to purchase on their website . There is a lot to love about Aleph, most notably their promise of not harming animals and their intention to have the lowest possible footprint for our planet.

And when there’s an IG photo opp around every corner, you need a quick and easy makeup routine to fit into an already time-scarce work-hard-play-hard lifestyle. Prior to purchasing my Aleph Beauty products, I was using the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation and Hynt Beauty Duet Concealer and I thought I had my base products figured out. But the Duet Concealer was creasing on me, and unless I wanted to use a ton of product, the Kjaer Weis Foundation alone does not cover all my under-eye darkness. So I decided to take the plunge and try the Aleph Beauty Concealer/Foundation in 3.0 while adding the Cheek/Lip Tint in Grounded to justify the steep shipping cost to Dubai.

  • « The number one ingredient for me in a natural mascara is organic castor oil, which helps to moisturize the eyelashes and make them appear thicker, » says Douglas.
  • A natural alpha-hydroxy acid, thus a great skin brightening and smoothing ingredient, malic acid is found in fruits like apple and pear.
  • « Parabens, because they are broad-spectrum and an inexpensive choice, are often used in mascara formulations, » but they’re also known hormone disruptors.
  • An effective alternative to silicon, this also aids with pigment dispersion without forming a sticky, greasy film on the surface of the skin.
  • Aleph is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands in New Zealand’s market with good reason.

Milder than its synthetic counterparts, it offers a gentle exfoliation process and boosts ceramide production. The result is tighter pores, a decreased pigmentation and a reduction of visible lines. I appreciate that the bottle is clear as well as how the top is matte . In terms of formula, I like that it’s slightly wet — it gives me some playtime in between coats to ensure my lashes are separated. Overall, for the longwear formula and sleek packaging, this mascara is definitely worth the splurge. I have length for days when I use this mascara, and I love how buildable the formula is.

Mum to son Wolf and two beautiful dogs, she has written for magazines, websites and newspapers in New Zealand and internationally and loves music, great food and a good red wine. About this time last year I was first introduced to the Aleph Beauty brand by its creator, the truly passionate and inspiring Emma Peters. I’ve recently been testing out Aleph Beauty; aleph beauty reviews a non-toxic and sustainable makeup line that’s been making waves in New Zealand with its exciting colour stories and superb formulas. Every day, my makeup bag has been going through major changes and I don’t say this lightly. I’ve found myself replacing some of my ride-or-dies with Aleph Beauty because of how beautifully they layer throughout the day.

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Click on the various menu categories to check out the extensive gallery of eye-catching and professional photography showcasing the work of this stylist, art director and costume designer. Every drop of 100% pure and organic Kiwifruit Seed Oil is sourced from kiwifruit grown in the Bay of Plenty, and upcycled from the food industry. The seeds are washed and cold-pressed so that the oil delivers all of its natural goodness to our lip gloss formula.

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